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Gitte Pettersen

SKIEN, Telemark

I`m Gitte from Skien in Norway.
I work offshore in The North Sea as a production-laboratory and in the fire and rescue team at an oil platform/boat. Working normally 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off and that gets me a lots of possibilities.

Dancing, training different kinds of classes and motivate other people is my passion.
I discovered BollyX at youtube while looking for inspiration for my dance classes. I also like to be creative and make own choreos. I have teached a different kind of classes, Dance, Aerobic, Zumba, Strong By Zumba, Yogamix, Stretch, Cardio, Strength & Core, Step, Corebar, Senior, interval, Tabata and more. I love to be curious in new trends and get more competence and knowledge.

After 19 years in different big fintess Center, I started my own, Sporty OSS, In 2018.
Dance getting you happy and gets you in good shape. That`s a perfect combo and that`s why I became a BollyX-instructor.

Hope to see you for dance and a lot of fun with BollyX


BollyX member since July 2019

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Phone: +4790111976

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