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Jacqueline Houtman


Currently teaching virtually via Zoom. Follow me on Facebook at Dance Fitness with JJ for information.

My secret fitness identity is JJ. All my life I've loved dancing. In college, while studying biology, I used to sneak out of the lab through an underground tunnel to the theater for rehearsals. I left the lab for good after earning a PhD and now I work as a freelance science writer and children's author. My job gives me a schedule flexible enough to allow me to attend as many dance fitness classes as I can. I finally took the plunge in 2016 and became licensed to teach Zumba, then Zumba Gold in 2017. I also obtained my AFAA group fitness instructor certification. I am a huge Bhangra fan, so when a BollyX training came to Wisconsin, I jumped on it. Dance fitness is my happy place, and I am determined to share its physical, mental, social, and emotional benefits with my class participants, no matter what their age or ability.

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Twitter: @jjhoutman


No classes at this time.