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Jadell Wiens

Windsor, ON

Jadell grew up in British Columbia, Canada leading an active lifestyle from a young age with team sports and various outdoor activities. After moving across the country to Ontario and going through school to become a Registered Massage Therapist, she took up long distance running, yoga and started to take a healing from the inside approach to life. Through her regular yoga practice she met her now partners with whom she opened H’OM Wellness Centre Inc in Windsor, ON. It’s at H’OM that Jadell started teaching fitness and where she now teaches Barre Classes. She loves the fitness lifestyle and firmly believes that there are many benefits to moving your body. After having a love of Bollywood culture for many years, she knew after hearing about BollyX that she wanted to be a part of it. BollyX makes fitness fun and the energy that radiates from a class of students is almost palpable!

BollyX member since December 2017

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Phone: 519-915-7234


No classes at this time.