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Jen Weissman

Swampscott, MA

I grew up in the world of gymnastics, competing through college, but once that ended, I lost interest in exercising on a regular basis. For years, I would try a group class here and there but never go back more than a few times. I became someone who paid the monthly membership fees but rarely went to the gym.

Health challenges forced me to find a way to get more cardio in my life, so I picked the most fun sounding class at the Y to try (luckily for me, it was BollyX!). I was hooked from the very first class. I have always loved the feeling I get when dancing with friends, and BollyX gives me that feeling while getting an amazing workout. Once I started, I couldn’t get enough and decided to become an instructor so I can continue the party and spread this joy to others on the North Shore of Massachusetts more often!

When I’m not dancing or listening to music, I fit in time as a data geek during work hours, but I love to get creative and build things for my house and I am always looking for an excuse to get outside whether it’s on a trail or on the water with my husband and boys (who love that I love BollyX but have not caught the enthusiasm themselves), and I will never turn down the chance to go for a walk :)

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