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Karishma Shah

San Diego, CA

My top interests include hiking, dancing, running, eating clean and anything that keeps me healthy and motivated. I enjoy doing Yoga and Kickboxing ocassionaly. I am a software Engineer by profession and I understand life can get hectic sometimes and that is why I dance the stress out.

I was born and raised in India watching and doing bollywood latkas, jhatkas and thumkas. I began my "wellness" journey in July 2012, a turning point of my life to lose weight. I joined a weight loss fitness classes and eating healthy. For me, I took the "onepound-at-a-time" approach, and I lost 60 of 'em! Maintaining weight is challenging but finding something I like to do made it so much easier! In 2015, I moved to the US. - I started enrolling into different fitness classes, doing outdoor activities and keep moving if it can make the earth a better place. I always enjoyed bollywood music and dance, wanted to do something which is a mix of bollywood and proper form of fitness. So proud and lucky to meet BollyX!

I would like to spread this joy, confidence, and fun with fitness!

BollyX member since October 2019

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