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Goleta, CA

Hello Rockstars! My name is Kasie (KC) and I LOVE to dance! Although I just started my journey with being an instructor for BollyX, I am no newbie to the dance floor. I first started dancing when I was 4-years-old in ballet (I still remember my first dance to My Little Teapot). Over the next 10 years, I expanded my learning into the lyrical and pointe styles of ballet along with exploring other styles of jazz, tap, and hip-hop. Once I entered my high school years, I started fusing my love of dancing with my passion for singing by joining show choir where we traveled around the United States competing against other schools! Even though the role dancing has in my life has changed over the years, I always find a way to include it, whether I am taking adult dance classes, participating in dance fitness classes, or just putting on some epic concerts while cleaning!

Outside of my love for dance, I am a Neuroscience PhD student with a fascination for all things science! I have found that I am my happiest when I am expressing myself creatively and finding ways to add more beauty to the world. I am an avid crocheter (I learned how to crochet when I was only 10 years old), was in choir most of my life, play the piano and the trumpet, and love exploring new crafts :)
Favorite Dance: I performed a tap duet with my mom when I was little to I Don't Need Anything but You from the musical, Annie!

BollyX member since September 2021

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