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Kat Tuason

Surrey, British Columbia

I’m a Pastry Chef by day & a BollyX Rockstar by night.

I have been a pastry chef for over 2 decades and work as a full time pastry chef at The Dirty Apron Cooking School and Deli in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I teach cooking classes, bake awesome things with my staff for our catering and deli departments, and from time to time write national best selling cookbooks with my executive chef and our wonderful staff, that truly are my extended family.

But I also teach 11 group fitness classes a week!

I teach primarily at Steve Nash Clubs where I have been teaching for almost 16 years and where I was awarded their Instructor of the Month Award in 2014 and their Group Fitness Instructor of the Year Award in 2017. I’m known for having fun dance fitness classes that from time to time include crazy group profile pictures, themed classes and of course because of my morning job, delicious FOOD! Check out my instagram and my facebook account so you can see what I mean. My dance fitness certifications include: Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, Zumba Kids, Pound, La Blast, Bellyfit and of course BollyX. I might be the OLDEST BollyX instructor in British Columbia, but as it is said: “we are not our AGE - we are our ENERGY” If you want to know more about my fitness and my BollyX journey you can check this out:

I also teach at wonderful private yoga studio called Sweet Serenity Yoga with this awesome mission statement:

“Our intention is to honor the individual needs of each student along their wellness journey. The objective of opening this studio is to provide a safe, nurturing, accessible space. This is a place where we can all let our guards down and open our hearts. A Safe space to freely laugh or cry, and just feel through whatever it is we’re facing in life. ~Nourish Your DiVine”

They are one of the most community conscious places I have ever experienced and do many unique fundraisers for different avenues in our community, including Cat Yoga (yes with cats) to raise money for the local SPCA.

BUT what I really want to show you is what BollyX and its training formula has done to change my fitness in general and my body composition. You can read all about the health benefits of BollyX on our website. But as it is also said: “a picture says a THOUSAND words.” Remember, I’m a pastry chef, born in the 60s, around all kinds of wonderful food all day made by talented chefs . . .

I hope to meet you soon,

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