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Kirtana Banskota

Austin, TX

Kirtana's mom says," she could dance before she could do anything else", and that's what she does all day, every day!

At the age of 7 Kirtana took Kathak lessons, however, her teacher quit and she had to take over practice sessions. From the age of 7 to 17 she taught herself how to dance by watching hours and hours of MTV(when MTV was about music videos and not reality television). Mesmerized by Madhuri Dixit, a beautiful Bollywood actress she learned how to mirror all her moves. When in school she learned Bhangra from her friends who competed in the interschool competition and within months she was competing alongside the team. She finally took ballroom dance classes for several years at the age of 17 where she learned Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Waltz, and Swing.

If you are ever in Austin and are grocery shopping and see someone just dancing around while she dunks avocados and tomatoes in her shopping cart, just go and say hi, it's definitely Kirtana.

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Twitter: @KirtanaBanskota


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