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Krista Westervelt

Chapel Hill, NC

A relatively recent transplant to the Triangle area of North Carolina, Krista grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, where she moved from the ballet and tap lessons of her childhood to hitting the club with her girlfriends to tearing up the dance floor with traditional Kalymnian folk dances at many a Greek family wedding.

Krista's passion for dance is still going strong, whether she's just blowing off some steam, rocking out to her favorite playlists, or getting her workout on. In fact, it's her love of dance workouts that led Krista to discover BollyX while seeking fresh workout inspiration in mid-2018. One 11 minute and 11 second YouTube video later, she was hooked! From the folk and Bollywood-inspired choreography, to the solid fitness format, to the awesome energy of the instructors, BollyX was just what she was looking for!

In early 2019, Krista decided to hit the ground dancing and move from enthusiastic participant to "Rockstar" instructor! Now successfully BollyX certified, she is excited to pass along her passion for this amazing, high-energy, Bollywood-inspired workout to folks in the Chapel Hill area and beyond.

In addition to her BollyX certification, Krista is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

BollyX member since January 2019

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