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Lamonte Miller

Alexandria, VA


I'm originally from the USA and have had the privilege of living and working in several countries in my life, including France, Germany, England, Kuwait and India. As a longtime Zumba enthusiast, I always looked forward to the Bollywood routines and was thrilled to discover Bollywood dance fitness when I moved to Mumbai, India in 2018. It brought together my love of fitness and Bollywood/Indian dance music.

Although I’m no longer in India, being a BollyX instructor allows me to continue a pursuit that has brought immense joy into my life, staying connected with a kindred community, as well as introducing it to others.

My professional background has included corporate sales, intercultural training/consulting and most recently life and career coaching. I’m thrilled to be able to include BollyX in my toolkit for physical, emotional and mental well-being. In my spare time, I can be found in my kitchen cooking healthy meals and fermenting kombucha, kefir and veggies for gut health.

Currently in the Washington DC area, my husband and I (and our 12-yr-old cat) are planning to relocate to Libreville, Gabon, in the next few months.

BollyX member since August 2019

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