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Lamonte Miller

Libreville, Gabon


I'm originally from the USA and have had the privilege of living and working in several countries in my life, including France, Germany, England, Kuwait and India. As a longtime dance fitness enthusiast, I was thrilled to discover Bollywood dance fitness when I moved to Mumbai in 2018. It brought together my love of fitness and Bollywood/Indian dance music.

Although I’m no longer in India, being a BollyX instructor allows me to continue a pursuit that has brought immense joy into my life, staying connected with a kindred community, as well as introducing it to others.

BollyX is a compliment to my coaching practice (certified life coach (ICF ACC) and a Dr. Berg certified Keto Coach (estimate September 2021) because I know movement brings us health and joy.

Currently living and dancing in Libreville, Gabon until September 2022.

BollyX member since August 2019

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Phone: 2028932535

No classes at this time.