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Leona Ong

Fremont, California

My name is Leona Ong from Fremont, California. I started BollyX classes by chance at a 24-hr fitness club, before the pandemic. What I like about the BollyX dance is the great selection of songs and the upbeat nature of the music, which strikes a cord with my personal tempo. Whenever I hear a BollyX song, my body starts to move to the tune and I feel very happy as the music gives me the extra zest and energy! I am always joyful and smiling in the BollyX class. BollyX has helped me mentally through my stressful work and family life, and keeps me physically fit and healthy! I am also forever grateful to the community of BollyX friends whom I get to know in the class!
I would like to share this wonderful dance choreography to more people, especially to the Chinese-Asian community.

BollyX member since February 2022

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