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Lizy Gipson

Victoria, British Columbia

Lizy has been inspiring people to get moving for 9 years since she began her fitness journey.

At a weight of 240 lbs, exercise and gyms seemed too daunting to try anything until she decided to try a local dance fitness class. This led to the discovery of Zumba where her world of possibilities exploded! Bollywood and Bhangra were staples in her classes and when she noticed other instructors were training in BollyX she reached out to them to find out more.

Lizy has a lower back injury and discovering BollyX LIT was available, she brought the training to Vancouver Island for the first certifications in Western Canada. She loves that the LIT format allows everyone to join the class to safely and increase it to their own level. Inclusivity and community are the foundations in her classes, we all belong, we are all one.

The only muscle you need to join her BollyX LIT classes, is your heart ♥

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