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Manali Shrivastava

Milpitas, Ca

Full-time HW Engineer by profession , Fun loving , playful mom by life’s attitude and bold, energetic, experimental , go getter dance freak by CHOICE. My tiny feet started dancing to the tune of Bollywood music at a very small age and I carried out my passion and craziness for dancing by teaching and choreographing all the way through my school and college term.

Being extremely competitive and goal oriented is a part of my inner identity and my dancing has always helped me define it. Breaking all common norms, getting out of a small village in India to get my Masters in LA, from getting married to having a son, I have danced my way through all the rocks and cherries of life so far, sometimes alone sometimes to show off.

I started my fitness journey 1.5 years ago after having my son. My inseperable connection with dancing and passion for leading and teaching got my interest into BollyX , that is when I decided to be officially trained in the world of dance fitness and carry out the rythym of my life with my fellow dance fitness travelers.

I associate myself with dance too deep to imagine a life without it. And I truly believe BollyX is the right way to go about it.

BollyX member since October 2017

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