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Atlanta, GA

Marcail recently moved to Atlanta, GA in 2022 (and is loving every second!) after having been raised in Wisconsin. She received her B.A. in Global Studies Management from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She has always been passionate about working with people, as can be seen in her career in the Hospitality industry. She loves exploring new places, cultures, and learning new things. Having a love for India and the music therein, she quickly embraced BollyX Fitness when she discovered it in 2020 when doing at home YouTube workouts! This is her favorite form of movement, and although she initially wouldn't of called herself a dancer, she quickly realized labels mean nothing (and believes you'll learn that too if you think the same). Although she has grown immensely in learning about health and fitness since becoming certified, she is consistently looking to improve her knowledge, skills, ability, classes, and so much more. To her, BollyX has become more than just exercise, it is a reminder of health's holistic nature. Everyone deserves to be mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy while being their truest selves. When she dances she embraces that truth, and hopes that her passion will not only shine through her but be contagious too. She looks forward to rocking out with you!

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