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Oconomowoc, WI

Marcail has always had a vigor for life which comes through in almost everything she does (everyone has bad days!). At 18 she took that vigor to go on a gap year where she travelled to six different countries in nine months before pursuing her degree in Global Student Management. One of her all time favorite places though is, India. She has been there twice and hopes to be back there soon again. So naturally, when she discovered BollyX during some of the hardest moments life has yet to throw at her, she quickly embraced it and found a renewed passion for life. Every time she dances, this passion shines through. Although she wouldn't necessarily call herself a dancer, she is quickly realizing labels mean nothing and is constantly looking to improve her skills, her ability, her classes, and so much more. To her, BollyX means more than just dancing. It reminds her of the holisticnes of health and how everyone deserves to be mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy while being their truest selves. When she dances she embraces that truth, and hopes that vigor for life will not only shine through her but be contagious too. She looks forward to rocking out with you and trusts that you'll learn from her just as much as she believes she'll learn from you!

BollyX member since August 2021

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