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Maribel Reyes

Folsom, California

Born in California to a multicultural family, always fascinated by learning about different cultures and languages; this lead Maribel to study International Business Management in University.

In the summer of 2015 she was invited to try a BollyX class at her local gym, and enjoyed it so much that she continued attending classes 4 times a week. In 2019 something she began to believe in herself, thanks to her amazing instructors and mentors Tamara K., Raka A. and Sophie A., and achieved her BollyX Low Impact instructor certification. A few months after, she launched her first in person class at a local gym.

In 2020, she launched her online classes. Teaching solo on Tuesdays and co-teaching with friend and fellow instructor Miyuki, they have both built a strong community that enjoys BollyXing together and also have become close friends. Their motto is all about empowering others while having fun!

Always been passionate about dance, Maribel believes that dancing is about feeling the beats and rhythm with our body, mind and soul.

Maribel loves that BollyX Fitness allows her to dance and unleash her inner rockstar. When asked what she likes about BollyX Fitness, she will say:

- Inclusion: It is inclusive for everyBODY!

- Empowerment: Instructors and the community as a whole empower each other in countless ways.

- Supportive: The BollyX community is unique, from class participants to instructors to the company itself in both class settings and in your personal life.

A few of Maribel's all time favorite BollyX choreographies are:

Gallan Goodiyaan
Thoda Bing Thoda Bang
Slowly Slowly
The Prada Song
Bad Boy
Naatu Naatu
Jhoome Jo Pathaan
Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar Hai

Join one of Maribel's online or in person classes and you will experience firsthand how much joy BollyXing can bring to you and how much BollyXing can empower you to unleash your inner rockstar too!

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