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Monika Khan

Kew Gardens, NY

Monika Khan, MPH, CPH, is a passionate BollyX fitness instructor with experience in dance/fitness instruction, performance, & choreography. She is trained in multiple dance styles including Modern, Jazz, Bhangra, and South Asian Folk.

Monika has performed and placed in South Asian Bhangra competitions nationwide including in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, and Vancouver. She was featured in multiple video shoots, including with IndianRaga, Move with Us Initiative, and an NYU Langone Medical Center sponsored culturally tailored exercise fitness video funded by the NIH.

Monika continues to teach both complimentary and private BollyX classes throughout the New York metropolitan area - including in high schools, recreation centers, and local businesses- in hopes to encourage healthy lifestyles and improve the health of neighborhoods with high rates of obesity and obesity related disease. Her dedication through BollyX fitness has enabled her to motivate others to lead healthier lifestyles, improve their self-confidence, and ultimately help foster meaningful relationships with each other.

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