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Chatham, Kent

The universe is listening... or maybe it's the phone... who knows? I do know one thing, one day I was lamenting that I would love to be teaching Bollywood classes again but fearing it's too late in life to pick it back up, the next minute BollyX found its way into my life and opened my world to new possibilities!

I used to teach Bollywood and Bhangra dancing to teenagers in a youth group some moons ago and our team would prepare them for showcase events. I loved watching confidence grow in others and have some wonderful memories from this time. I was also a qualified secondary school teacher, but I gave these things up when I became a mum and devoted time and energy to my wonderful son. After becoming a mum, I did gain a lot of extra weight and have since lost 15kg using dance as one method to achieve this. I'm keen to help others succeed in their fitness goals too.

Bollywood dancing radiates energy, enthusiasm and sheer joy! I feel privileged to have the opportunity to bring that joy to others again (thank you BollyX😍) and to help people meet their fitness goals while partying away BollyX style!🔥🔥🔥

BollyX member since July 2020

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Phone: 07896878890

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