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Neha Mundra

Wylie, Texas

Professionally trained in Bollywood and freestyle dancing. Have been performing Bollywood and Indian Folk dance since last 11 years. Was always involved in college and school teams for choreographing, teaching and performing in group and solo dance competitions. Have received numerous awards for dance group and solo performance.

I’m very passionate about dancing and enjoy any form of dancing. I was always fond of dance fitness program where you not only dance on Bollywood steps, but also get a great complete body workout. For me it’s a WIN WIN situation and would like to help impart the same to others.

BollyX is just the right platform which combine dance with fitness moves, you get the most amazing workout and all you know is that you are having a blast! The music along with easy-to-follow choreography makes the class fun without realising that you burned lot of calories.

I hope to dance with you very soon!

BollyX member since November 2018

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Phone: 4692308529

No classes at this time.