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Nikita Sawlani

Oak Brook, IL

A Chicago native, Nikita followed her roots from training in ballet, tap, jazz, and classical Indian dance to becoming a certified BollyX instructor in autumn of 2016.
Nikita is an avid learner (currently enrolled in a Masters program in wellness and health), as well as a nutrition specialist... in-training!
Nikita also is a diehard movie lover (Bollywood and Hollywood!), a mini-music encyclopedia, and a foodie. Some other fun facts include her desire to be well-traveled, being obsessed with all puppies, practicing yoga, reading any and all types of novels, and eventually writing a book, herself.
With dance as her superpower, Nikita feels that the rest of the world can be enlightened by the stress-relieving fundamentals of dance and fitness brought into her life, alongside mindful practice and a healthy lifestyle.

BollyX member since September 2016

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Twitter: @N_Sawlani


No classes at this time.