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Nina Sahagian Iannotti

Macquarie Park, NSW

Nina is a medical massage therapist for up to 8 years, chronic pain master coach and a certified fitness instructor.
She is the managing director of her business ’’Ninas Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage” specialising in her own massage method of helping people with complex and chronic pain issues.
Nina has a huge passion in healing and nurturing people who suffer with complex pain syndromes in mind and body.
Nina also loves opera singing, doing voice-overs and performing music in her down-time.

After being diagnosed with a life-changing neurological condition. The BollyX-Bollywood workout has changed Ninas life whilst living with chronic illness. Nina wants to share her passion for dance and inspire others to never give up, to keep smiling and have fun no matter what!

BollyX member since September 2020

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Phone: +61433822108



No classes at this time.