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Noelle LeBlanc

Calgary, AB

I have been playing competitive sports since I was a young girl. Having competed for my province nationally and internationally in soccer and field hockey on multiple occasions I have recently hung up my cleats and hockey stick and turned my attentions and expertise towards helping others achieve their fitness goals.

My passion and enthusiasm for all things fitness has driven my desire to help others achieve their dreams. I am an avid music buff and I spend as much time carefully selecting the perfect music, as I do crafting my workouts. I take pride in seeing puddles of sweat on the floor after sessions, and helping people achieve their personal best. Whether it’s finally being able to complete one full push-up from your toes, getting that combo just right in kickboxing, or moving that kettlebell up one more weight; big or small, it brings me great joy to know that I have helped someone feel a little better about themselves.

BollyX member since November 2019

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Phone: 4037719902


Instagram: and ladyzen01

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