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Nur Nazlina (@drlinalang)

Seri kembangan, SGR

If you ask a lot of people what makes them happy, you will get a lot of difference answer. Sometimes happiness is like the elusive dream we are all trying to catch. But if you ask a dancer what happiness is, 9 times out of 10, they are going to say the same thing, "dancing makes me happy". As a doctor, I see alot of serious and sad thing all the time, and so I need a way to remain human, stay sane and a chance to just smile or laugh, even its just five minutrs out of a 24 hour day. So I joined Bolly-X. Bolly X is suitable for all ages, it conveys the songs, making dance cultural and informative experience as well as a fun and easy workout. From basic Bollywood dance moves, in an energetic way, fun and expresiveness along with fitness. So join me in Bolly x class " why be moody , when you can shake your booty":)

BollyX member since March 2020

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Phone: 0162582009


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