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Saratoga, CA

Dance is a unique art form. Its not only about getting the steps right but about getting engulfed in the emotions and reaching a point where everything is rhythmic. I have danced all my life (mostly to my own tunes ..). But jokes apart, it is my passion and it fuels my creativity. I have learned Bharatanatyam for 10 years and have completed my Arangetram. I have also participated in various dance competitions. Enjoyed choreographing and teaching Bollywood dance classes for all different age groups.

BollyX is a great mix of Bollywood dance and fitness. For past few years I have being focusing on fitness and I believe this is the best way to stay close to my passion for dance and also workout at the same time. I would love to make the difference and help folks with their journey. Come join me and motivate each other. Let’s Swag ;-)

BollyX member since January 2020

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