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Priyanka Modi

Cupertino, CA

Hi! My name is Priyanka. I’m from Gujarat, India. There I got my Masters in business and finance.

However, dance has always been a passion of mine. Through YMCA, I was introduced to BollyX and I found a way to enjoy dancing again. BollyX inspired me to join a dance group to further my passion, and we have won many awards in Garba and Bollywood dance competitions in the past.

BollyX is one of my favorite fitness classes that I had ever taken. I have been with the BollyX program since 2015. BollyX choreography is very attractive because of the moves that get you hooked into the dance. It makes you feel like you are a dancing star. I would have to say that some of my favorite choreographies are Kammariya, Coca-cola, and Ankh lad jave.   

BollyX member since March 2019.

BollyX member since January 2019

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Phone: 4083735281



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