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Jersey City, NJ

Hi there! I am Rajany Rajan from New Jersey, USA.

I have always loved dancing ever since I could remember and loved performing and being on stage since 5 years old. I am classically trained in Bharatnatyam and in other dance forms as well, having won several competitions etc. This passion along with training has helped me choreograph several dance performances through my dance journey.

Being someone who is almost always seen at Bollywood nights at parties or grooving at every Indian wedding, loves and breathes Bollywood, what better platform to pursue my hobby, passion and love for getting fitter than at BollyX.
As a mom of toddler twins, I barely get a minute to be spared and my only way of unwinding many times has been a BollyX class for my workout, sanity and instant dose of happiness

Being an ardent participant in my favorite instructors classes since a year, I am super inspired by them and extremely excited about moving onto the other side and becoming an Instructor myself, cant wait to kick in the adrenaline, raise that heartbeat and unleash the Rockstars in all of us!

BollyX member since September 2020

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