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Ramesh Singh

Woodinville, Washington

If you have never looked up the benefits of group dance fitness, may I humbly suggest you google it.
My personal journey for cardio fitness took me thru hundreds of miles on treadmills, thousands of kickboxing moves and maybe even a million steps, yes I started as a cardio stepper when someone took me to a class to look even less coordinated than them. Eventually, I managed many a 64 count step routines, some hip-hop, and even Zumba classes. I dabble in most forms of group fitness though, dance fitness seems to work the best for me.
I personally need the motivation and support of a peer group to keep up my exercise game.
Group fitness is great but group dance fitness is better though may require some help for 2 left feet folks like me who need guidance and help to break down the steps.
BollyX provides many easy to follow routines to most of the catchy Bollywood item songs and bhangra tunes. I would love to break a sweat with you if we rendezvous.

BollyX member since February 2018

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