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Aurora, CO

Hello BollyX Rockstars! Welcome to my lair!

I'm so excited to be a part of BollyX community, and now being an instructor gives me an immense boost, a platform to showcase Bollywood songs and dances that are so popular around the world.
I'm a fitness enthusiast, and I love taking care of my health - being fit and staying fit raises my self-esteem mentally and physically.
Living active, sweating, lifting weights, sprinting, dancing, Pilates, yoga: these all help me blow off some steam and get my mindset right to achieve the best in my day.

I never learned professional dancing but realized over the years that music and dance had been a part of my life ever since I was little. As a community mentor, I had the opportunity to organize events for college and school fairs, and I would always conclude the day with a dance party section. Every individual had a chance to show off their talents, dance to the music unabashed - no routines, no choreography, just swaying our bodies to the music and get mentally transported to one happy place. The joy I witnessed watching everyone so excited was genuinely remarkable.

Over the years, I continued my dance journey learning basic Kathak (Uttar Pradesh/North India) and Odissi (Odisha/East India) through Indian classical dance books and many other online resources.
I love reading, hiking, cooking-baking, art and spending time with my family.
My other certifications include:
Reb3L Groove Fitness Instructor, Re3L Strength Fitness Instructor, and Barre with Pilates-Focused Instructor (Barre-Above).

Dancing is one of the key elements to retain the functional aspects of the body and an excellent way for your mind to stay in shape. Dance requires mental, physical, emotional, and social skills. All of these components working together can be beneficial to your brain and overall health.

So, come party with me and let this dance fitness journey empower you, teach you a new move, a technique, a tip, a class, or a new mindset.

Let's get Rockin'! :)

I can't wait to dance with you!

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