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Rebecca Smith

Charleston, SC

Rebecca loves all forms of dance, from ballet to hip-hop, African to Latin and beyond. Her love of dance began at the young age of three when she began dance lessons. Her passion grew as she got older and she joined a professional company as an apprentice at the age of fifteen. As a result of several injuries and a desire to do more philanthropic work, she ended her career shortly after and spent the next twelve years working as a medical assistant and doing volunteer work.
She eventually found her way back to dance through an innovative program called, Universal Physicality which uses principles of ballet, Pilates, Tai chi and yoga to promote proper movement in prevention of injury. Finding the method extremely beneficial, Rebecca learned the program directly from its innovator and now teaches it and applies it’s principals in all classes she teaches.
This eventually lead to her returning to dance and becoming a teacher and getting her personal trainer’s certification.
Rebecca has long loved fitness and aerobics classes (she used to do her mom’s FIRM workouts for fun as a kid). And she fell in love with Bollywood eight years ago. The fun, joyful dancing was addictive and since she has looked for ways to incorporate it into her classes. Discovering BollyX was the perfect answer to a long search. Rebecca is thrilled to begin her BollyX journey and share the joy of dance and good health with others!

BollyX member since February 2018

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