South Burlington, VT

    Rupali + BollyX = RDX!
    Rupali considers herself the biggest fan of Bollywood music and dance. Dancing to Bollywood music, especially by adding the THUMKA, energizes her. Her positive outlook and friendly nature allows her to instantly connect with others. Originially from India, she grew up around Bollywood music and Punjabi Bhangra, never missing an opportunity for Bollywood dancing with her friends and family. Rupali can also speak Hindi and understand the words in Bollywood music thus adding more swag to her dance movements. Also a versatile Henna artist, she is very fashionable and uses a lot of artistic expressions in her Bollyx dances. She looks forward to using her BollyX experience and her newfound BollyX family to take the audience to higher levels of graceful dancing to the tunes of Bollywood music while also staying fit. Rupali lives in Burlington, Vermont with her 6 year old loving son and husband.  

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    Phone: 2483769169