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Campbell, CA

I am a software engineer by day.. and an aspiring pianist/singer/dancer by night. I started dancing at the age of 4, when my mother enrolled me in Bharatnatyam lessons (one of the classical dance forms of India) because she loved dancing and did not get a chance to do so growing up. I whined and complained every time I had to practice.. but developed a love for the art form. After 9 years of Bharatnatyam my lessons stopped due to relocating to a different city, nevertheless I continued dancing at high school and community events. After moving to the US I dabbled in Jazz, Salsa and Bollywood and finally did Zumba for the last few years (Secretly wishing I could boogie to Bollywood music)... until I stumbled upon BollyX with none other than Tamara Kodner.. and the rest is history :)

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