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Sairah Qureshi

Washington, Tyne and Wear

Hello folks!!!

I wear multiple hats where my career is concerned, but they ALL have and display two things in passion and energy!!! I am an Anti-Bullying Specialist & Consultant, Certified Health & Life Coach; University Faculty Instructor, Dance fitness instructor (Bokwa Dance, Bokwa Punch & Strike and BollyX)!!!

I have been teaching BollyX at several clubs, dance studios, and at festivals in NJ since Feb 2015 and taught BollyX as a 3 credit course at NJ City University since 2016, where as Faculty instructor for the Dept. of Fitness, Exercise and Sports, I was the first in the COUNTRY to be teaching this!!! BollyX has grown to be such an integral part of my being....I feel very grateful for multiple opportunities connected with BX!

NOW BACK IN THE UK.....WHERE I WAS BORN & RAISED....I intend to imbibe that same passion for teaching BollyX to my UK crowd & enjoy co-teaching with my Western European BX team!!! :-D

I am ALL about letting your hair down & simply having fun, fun, SERIOUS FUN & do not expect me to be very quiet either!! ;) Don't worry if you do not get the steps right straight away...they will come, along with your individual flair & swagger!!! Come, join me in getting fit, sweaty, feeling like you're on a stage and performing as you dance your booty's out!!! I just do not want to see you...I want to HEAR you!!! Are you ready to UnLeaSh you INNER ROCKSTAR with me????????

BollyX member since December 2014

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Twitter: DrSairahQureshi


No classes at this time.