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Sairah Qureshi

Montvale, NJ

Hello folks!!!

I wear multiple hats where my career is concerned, but they ALL have and display two things in passion and energy!!! I am an Anti-Bullying Specialist & Consultant, University Professor, Dance fitness instructor (Bokwa Dance, Bokwa Punch & Strike, BollyX, Plyoga)!!!

I have been teaching BollyX at several clubs in NJ since Feb 2015 and currently teach BollyX as a 3 credit course at NJ City University, where as Professor of Fitness and Exercise Science, I am first in the COUNTRY to be teaching this!!! BollyX has grown to be such an integral part of my being....I feel very grateful for multiple opportunities connected with BX!

I am ALL about letting your hair down & simply having fun, fun, SERIOUS FUN & do not expect me to be very quiet either!! ;) Don't worry if you do not get the steps right straight away...they will come, along with your individual flair & swagger!!! Come, join me in getting fit, sweaty, feeling like you're on a stage and performing as you dance your booty's out!!! I just do not want to see you...I want to HEAR you!!! Are you ready to UnLeaSh you INNER ROCKSTAR with me????????

BollyX member since December 2014

Contact Info


Phone: 2129879033


Twitter: DrSairahQureshi


No classes at this time.