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Sarah jahanzeb

Glasgow, South Lanarkshire

Uk born and raised in Scotland, Sarah has been obsessed with Bollywood music and films since the age of 3.
Her mum and dad both had videos of many latest Bollywood songs and dance which she would be fascinated with.
Being very shy yet would perform on weddings, shows and stage with her self taught and choregraphed Bollywood numbers. Anyone in this town of Glasgow knows her by her dancing since her childhood.
She tried dance schools local but no where taught Bollywood as she wanted.

Later teens she knew she wanted to pursue a career in dancing but her parents wished for a more academic degree. Going onto to many different Diplomas in therapy, Chinese medicine, and make up artistry she worked in industry yet always still yearning for that happiness for exploding in dance.

After 3 children and a broken leg and Bladder damage due to childbirth she put a lot of weight on and re joined the gym losing over 5 stone in weight herself . Becoming a gym bunny at age 39 she was the fittest she had been for years.
One of her fitness class teachers spotted her and told her she to take a class and motivate others as she moves good and has that love for fitness and dance.
This motivated her to do her diploma in exercise to music instructor and then Metafit instructor too.
Teaching kids in school she began to see her love for the music went back to her roots.
And as they say you want to be happy then do what you love.
Bollywood was her first love.
Combining both Bollywood and fitness Bollyx came as a lifeline!

She wants people to see how amazing the Bollywood music and moves are that pumps through her veins.
She is the original Bollywood girl.💃🏻

BollyX member since April 2018

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Phone: 07778445577


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