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Hello!!! My name is Sergio I am originally from Mexico but have lived in the United States for the past 36 years!! I lived a good part of my life in California but moved away due to the amount of traffic it's impossible to drive in California!! I moved to Arizona 15 years ago and I love it hear.... a lot of people don't like the heat but I love it! I have heard of BollyX before but was afraid to give it a try and look me now I am now a certified trainer!!! this is a big accomplishment for me and I hope that I do justice to it. I would love to learn how to BollyX dance so that I can teach others. I love to dance but am not the greatest at it though I do what I can! My niece is my biggest motivator and she is the one that is constantly encouraging me to do BollyX and she has even offered to teach me how to do it and she is only 10 yrs old, so I think that this will be an awesome and rewarding hobby/opportunity!!! I am now trying to get fit by doing BollyX and Zumba!! Love to dance and trying to do my best!

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Phone: 6232215843

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