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Sherry Matter

Edmonton, Alberta

Hi! I’m a CanFit Pro certified Fitness Instructor Specialist with over two decades (that’s right, decades!) of experience.

I started out in the last century teaching aerobics when my 3 kids were little. I re-entered the daytime workforce once they were all in school, but kept teaching fitness in the evening for several years. I took a break for a while, and then decided in 2011 I wanted to go back to teaching and making a difference in people’s lives to help them be healthy and strong. Since then, I re-certified as an instructor and have certification in many programs: Zumba, and most of the Zumba Specialties, Les Mils BodyFlow, Barre Above, NewBody, several levels of YogaFit, and now BollyX LIT.

The LIT part of BollyX LIT stands for Low Impact Training, which means we take out all of the jumping, making it low impact, and keep all the fun of the BollyX dance fitness workout!

I love to dance and share my passion with all who enjoy a dance fitness workout and the road to staying healthy! I’m excited to be a part of this amazing program,

BollyX member since May 2019

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