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Shlok Punjabi

Corona, California

Hi! I'm Shlok. I live in Southern California and currently a second-year at University of California, Riverside studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management of Information Systems.
I got involved with BollyX mid-2015 because a friend had recommended that I take a class under Shahil Patel in Orange County. I can't describe how much I enjoyed it because it just fused the parts of dance I enjoyed so much that forgot it was a class primarily meant for fitness. From there on, I got more involved with BollyX while Shahil gave me the advisement I needed to start a Dance Team at my school which went on to compete in both coasts of the United States.
From the age of 4 my parents would force me to sing songs and perform dances with my sister at Indian parties and I would cry until I ran out of tears so they gave up after middle school. After they let go, I ended up picking it up on my own. I've been dancing without the force of my parents from the 11th grade on my high school's all-male hip-hop team and then a Bollywood dance company called Bollywood Step Dance. By the time I entered college I began to practice fusing the to areas of dance I really loved, Bollywood and Hip-Hop, while also branching out to new styles like Garba and Bhangra. Ironically, when I attended Shahil's class for the first time, I ended up doing all four styles in just that one class. Since the beginning of college I've obtained opportunities to dance including a really funny opportunity on a Season 5 episode of New Girl on Fox.
In my free time, other than dancing, I do what all other college students do. I hangout with my friends, complain about my parents, lie about underage drinking and waste ridiculous amounts of money on pounds and pounds of food.

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