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Gainesville, FL

Shumaila is a Pakistani-born-Florida girl who loves the sunshine, beach, and some dance beats that move your soul! 💃🏻

Dancing to Bollywood since she was a toddler,
Shumaila is a high energetic dance performer with experience dancing to Bollywood, Bhangra, hip-hop, EDM, you name it.
She was previously a student member in two dance teams at the University of Florida in Gainesville- a Bhangra team where she danced alongside Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone; and a Fusion team competing state and nationwide, winning “#1 Florida State Fusion Dance Team” 3 years in a row!

In 2017, Shumaila had a medical emergency causing paresthesia in her lower extremities that lasted a few months- the doctor said she could eventually be paralyzed. Shumaila was not going to let anything stop her from dancing so every single day she played music and forced herself to get up and keep dancing!
She was eventually able to feel her legs again and healed through the power of dance!

Shumaila believes in the magic of DANCE: the rhythmic movement of the soul getting lost into the music, allowing oneself to flow freely and fully ♥️

Anyone can dance! You just have to believe in the magic within you! ✨

Available in Gainesville (32606) and Orlando (32836)

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