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Simi Burn

Tulsa, OK

Simi Burn is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based health coach, entrepreneur, pharmacist, yoga teacher, and dance lover! Her family is from Punjab, India, and exuberant Bhangra dance runs in her veins! She loves the energy and fun of Bollywood dance, and considers dance to be a form of meditation. A pharmacist by training, she became an entrepreneur health coach after losing 80 pounds, helping others lose weight, optimize their health, and create healthy habits. She left the corporate world of pharmacy management that was stressing her out and making her SICK. Now is cofounder and CEO of her own business, OnRamp Wellness. She now LOVES helping people all over the country create TRUE health and wellness. Dance, yoga, qigong, and meditation are her passions. She is a happy wife and mom, and when she's not moving. Balle balle! Let's dance!

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