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Warminster, PA

Stacey was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Bel Air, MD. She went to Eastern University and received her bachelor's degree in Music Education. She has been teaching music lesson for over 10 years to students in her local area of Doylestown, PA and prepares them for a recital in the spring each year. Stacey started to exercise regularly about a year before her first child was born. She joined a gym that provided childcare after her son was born so she could continue regular workouts. Becoming a fitness instructor did not enter her mind until she became a part of a system that combined yoga and martial arts. This system helped her fall in love with fitness and inspired her desire to become a fitness instructor! She is certified in many different types of fitness classes and teaches a wide variety of students. She thrives on continually finding new avenues of exercise to both participate and instruct, and is super excited to begin this amazing new journey into BollyX!

BollyX member since January 2020

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Twitter: @magicflute82

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