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Stephanie Vaughan

Winchester, VA

My name is Stephanie Vaughan and I have taught fitness and swimming classes since I was a teenager. I just won my first Adult Gymnastics Competition in 2020! Although my background is in water fitness, I have been teaching fitness classes since 2017. As a presenter at water fitness conferences across the USA, I presented at AEA, AAI, USWFA, AAPHERD, and IDEA. I also taught certification courses for USWFA, AAI and SPLASH, my own fitness company started in 1992. I launched my on-line store selling water fitness, swimming, aquatic therapy equipment and apparel, During this time, I added an MBA and DBA to my academic credentials.

I currently teach aquatic fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Core-and-More, and Low Impact Aerobics classes at the largest local fitness club, Body Renew. For a low Impact class, I researched and began teaching Hip Hop and Bollywood Dancing, which I found stimulating after a twelve year background in classical ballet and jazz as a child and teenager. I looked for a certification program and chose BollyX, and am happy to be a BollyX instructor!

BollyX member since April 2019

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Phone: 540696000

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