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Theresa Babstock

Calgary, Alberta

"Hi my name is Theresa Babstock and I began teaching BollyX in 2017. I have also taught Zumba and Strong Nation since 2018."

Theresa has always been a person who has kept fitness in her life. She started at the age of 4 in Gymnastics at a local recreation centre and she ended up competing at the National Level for quite a few years. Theresa consistently won medals, as well as an award for most consistent athlete and had the opportunity to travel all across Canada competing.

At the age of 18 Theresa decided that she should join the local gym to keep in physical shape and used the tools she learned in gymnastics to increase her physique, then in 2002 she became pregnant with her 1st child and like a lot of moms do, felt that going to the gym or doing anything for herself would be selfish, so she discontinued her membership and just focused on raising her son. By the age of 26 Theresa had 3 small children, back problems, became unfit and ate a lot of junk food, at that point Theresa said “That's enough if I want to set a good example to my children I’d better take care of myself first.” Theresa joined another local gym and with a lot of research alongside hard work and determination Theresa is now pain free in her lower back and is healthy, fit and setting a great example for her children to look up to.

Theresa fell in love with the BollyX program, music and culture. Theresa looks up all lyrics so that she can express what they are saying, that's what makes her classes so much more enjoyable. Theresa's main goal every class is to have people singing to the music, laughing, coming out of their shells and really showing their true colours through dance. She inspires many women and men of all cultures and backgrounds every day. BollyX is her passion and joy in life. Come check out her class and get ready to sweat and have fun!!!

“I look forward to meeting you at my next class. Let's unleash your inner Rock Star together!”

BollyX member since October 2017

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Phone: 4039985607



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