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Tina Bose

Rosenberg, TX

Tina Bose is the Artistic Director & co-founder of Infused Performing Arts.She began her first ballet & tap class at age 1, and performed onstage at age 3 , for the first time. Tina has extensively trained in Jazz, Modern, Bharatanatyam, Hip-Hop, and Bollywood dance under the guidance of distinguished dance masters in the US and India.

Tina began teaching dance at the young age of 14 years old, and has gone on to produce numerous award winning & nationally recognized students in folk, Indian classical, Bollywood, and western dance forms. Tina has been recognized for her use of technique, stunts, and hard-hitting choreography.

Tina is a licensed BollyX Fitness, Zumba Fitness & PiYo Instructor. She instructs these fitness formats at Infused studios & various gyms across Houston to promote and encourage health amongst South Asian women.

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Twitter: @InfusedDance


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