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Vinay kumar

Cleveland, OH

Vinay was born in INDIA.
He fell in love with dance at the early stage of his dancing career and seized any opportunity that came his way to perform at events and compete in dance competitions.
He Worked as an assistant to a Dance Fitness Instructor for around 1.5 years along with his Software job at MNC's.
He took several virtual classes because of the epidemic of covid, but they didn't last long, and he took a break.
Despite the break, he participated in numerous dance events held at his place of employment due to his intense love for dancing.
So, he has arrived in the land of opportunity that is the United States of America. He is at BollyX in preparation for his return to the dance world as a dance instructor.

He can't wait to show you everything he knows, get you in shape, and let you unleash your INNER ROCKSTARR.....

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