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Vit Mehr

Palatine, IL

“Being able to hear music, to see rhythm in the body … breathing, moving throughout space. All those develop an awareness which I think contributes to dance,”

Meet Vit! She is a fitness enthusiast who believes fitness is not a destination but a lifestyle .

Vit believes that dance is a form of expression. She is trained in Samba, Salsa and has an innate self expression through Bollywood dancing. When she’s not dancing, you'll often find her doing throwing herself into a combination of athletic pursuits - CrossFit, boxing, or Pilates. She is also a Reiki Master, her dance movements are driven to move positive energy throughout the body. Vit has partaken on several stage performances.

Dance will always be her outer expressions of her inner spirit. She hopes to inspire others to return to their love of dance and fitness and build a strong community of caring, passionate people.

BollyX member since December 2018

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