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Zabi Khan

Vancouver, BC

Zabi is a CANFITPRO certified Group Fitness Instructor who is very passionate about dance and fitness. He loves teaching huge high energy classes and his main goal is to make sure every student has a blast and walks out with a smile on their face and hearts!

Zabi’s journey has been quite different from most dance fitness instructors.. He was not into dance as a child, he didn’t think fitness was remotely important in his life etc.. BUT growing up as a lil kid in India he could always connect with the MUSIC!!

Then life happened.. fast forward years, many countries, careers and interests, and he found himself in love with latin rhythms while living in Florida. He loved it so much that he decided to become a Zumba instructor and learned from the pros how to put together the perfect playlist, come up with choreography that is fun and how to create the best environment to make every class feel like a Dance Party!

Having recently relocated to Canada he discovered BollyX for the first time and WHOA!! it was like life had come full circle and this is totally HIS CALLING!

Zabi is known for his high energy classes, and he looks forward to sharing that same high energy through his Bollywood style BollyX classes with you!

BollyX member since August 2019

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