BX Ambassador

If you are passionate about BollyX® and its community and enjoy organizing events, you will love being a BX Ambassador! Applications for BollyX Ambassadors are being accepted now on a rolling basis.  Please note that our Ambassador role is voluntary at this time (subject to change as the program develops).


The goal of the BX Ambassador is to help build and foster a greater sense of community at BollyX. Our Ambassadors will work directly with HQ and local leadership to promote and coordinate community meet-up events (i.e., music video shoots, flash mobs, charity master classes, festivals, demo tours, conferences, etc.).

*BollyX reserves the right to remove individuals from this Ambassador role if they no longer show a commitment to professionalism, collaboration and team building, or are unable to meet or perform the requirements of the role.


  • Must attend at least three events per year
  • Must have BollyX Instructor Certification (teaching a weekly class preferred but not required for role)
  • Must be subscribed to the BollyX Portal
  • Organized and professional
  • Excellent and timely communication skills required
  • Must maintain an active social media presence
  • Must help publicize and invite community to events
  • Must show a strong commitment to professionalism, collaboration and team building


  • Early notifications for upcoming HQ events in your area prior to community-wide announcement
  • Direct collaboration with BollyX HQ and local leadership
  • Added support for building your social media following
  • Recognition as a leader within our community
  • The ability to expand your positive impact within the BollyX community

Apply Now

To apply, please submit your application via Google Form. You will receive an email within 2-4 weeks regarding next steps.