Filming Team

Interested in being in the BollyX® Instructor portal videos?

BollyX is looking to expand its filming team and is seeking Backup Dancers in the following cities:  Boston, New York/New Jersey, and Los Angeles. Applications for Backup Dancers are being accepted on a rolling basis.

They will report to and work directly with the BollyX HQ team for 4-8 hours on filming day.

Please note there is no compensation for this role, nor can we cover any traveling related costs.


  • Show up on time to film, prepped and ready with required BollyX branded clothing.
  • Respond timely to BollyX HQ team’s communications.


  • Must be BollyX Certified (passed exam) and be currently subscribed to the BollyX Portal
  • Instructors currently teaching weekly classes highly preferred
  • Instructors who have gone through Post-Training Mentorship highly preferred
  • Excellent and timely communication skills required (for filming coordination and communication)
  • Very high attention to detail, especially as it relates to observing dance/teaching techniques
  • Ability to pick up dance moves quickly, dance in sync with others and adjust to last minute changes
  • Strong understanding of BollyX’s culture of feedback – Backup Dancers should be receptive to all feedback provided during filming
  • Strong sense of rhythm and showmanship

Apply Now

To apply:

*Submit three (3) individually recorded unlisted YouTube videos of yourself dancing to a:

  1. Bhangra Dance song
  2. Lower Body Strength song
  3. Performance song

Select the viewing option “Teaching Facing Mirror” when filming yourself, and ensure your full body is visible at all times in your submitted videos. You may pick any song of your choice from the BollyX portal library – we recommend you pick ones that highlight your style and energy best. Visual/verbal pre-cueing not required. Please log-in to the Instructor Portal to submit your videos.

*Please note that we are not able to provide detailed feedback on your submitted videos. However, we may provide some brief tips on what areas to work on to potentially qualify for the filming team in the future. Our aim is not to exclude anyone from being in the portal videos; the filming process can be quite grueling and we want to set our community of instructors up for success on filming day! Additionally, we want to feature as many instructors as possible (we love our diverse community) so please don’t take it personally if you are not repeatedly invited. If you are invited to join the filming team, we will reach out to you with potential dates based on our filming schedule and needs. Balle balle!