The BollyX Bollywood workout is for anyone and everyone. Hear what class attendees, BollyX instructors, and gym managers are saying. And then try it for yourself!

From BollyX Students

I am a huge advocate for simply getting up and MOVING in ways that challenge my body in order to stay fit, and for me, BollyX definitely accomplishes that and more. I have very little dance experience and especially none in Bollywood dance but the combination of the rhythmic moves and various postures were a blast and had my muscles burning and heart pounding for the length of the class!

Julian Camastra, BU Grad Student

BollyX just rocks. It’s an amazing place to get a solid workout, learn some Bollywood dance moves, and meet people. I’d highly recommend it to anyone trying to get in great shape and have a blast doing it. Honestly, I’ve never done a dance fitness class before. As a former college athlete, I thought it would be too easy. Then I tried BollyX and they kicked my butt – now I’m back every week loving it!

Brint Markle, Entrepreneur

BollyX has intensified my passion for dancing in ways I never saw coming. Working up a sweat has never felt so effortless and the enthusiasm of the instructors bring this class to a whole new level. Not only is this an effective workout that leaves my body feeling awesome, it also opened my mind to a whole new culture of music and dancing that I have a new appreciation for.

Ingy Alhelawe, BU Dental Student

BollyX is amazing! Awesome instructors, energetic music, and tons of fun! Even an uncoordinated and lanky guy like me can do it and have a blast. And, I actually feel like I’m becoming a better dancer in the process. I was really surprised by how quickly I started picking things up.

Nicholas Sze, Consultant

I keep coming back to BollyX because it brings passion and soul into an intense workout routine that always leaves me feeling happy and uplifted. The Bollywood flare, the cheerful beats, and above all the passionate instructors make it an experience unlike any other I have had in fitness classes!

Hong Gou, Biotech Marketing Manager

BollyX is a great way to get in a great workout and have a ton of fun. The thoughtful mix of dances and strength calisthenics makes the class a fun substitute for my usual boring treadmill and weights routine. The instructors are fantastic, the environment is judgement-free, and the workout is awesome!

Kirsten Schulte, MBA Student

It’s better than sex.

Actual comment from a student in class…who wishes to remain anonymous

From Studio Owners

Thank you to the BollyX team for coming up with such a fun program that exposes participants to the beauty of Bollywood steps and music while seamlessly fusing it with mainstream dance fitness components. The iDance Boston clients loved it and are excited to have you continue to offer it at the studio. From a business owner standpoint, it has been an absolute pleasure to interact with all of your team members from planning to execution. Your energy is contagious! Keep up the amazing work!

Monica Bou, iDance Boston

From BOLLYX Trainees

If you enjoy Bollywood and Bhangra music and dancing, take this training! I learned so many interesting facts and authentic techniques about various styles of South Asian dancing at the BollyX Certification course. If you are a fitness or dance instructor, it will take your dancing skills and knowledge of South Asian culture to another level. If you aren’t a fitness instructor but want to share your love of South Asian dancing and music, you can start your journey here. You won’t regret taking this training course.

Fen Tung, Boston

BollyX training was a great experience! The founders of BollyX are kind, thorough and innovative. Being a busy student, BollyX allows me to kill two birds with one stone–get a great workout and still feel the ecstasy from a great dance routine. I can’t wait to teach BollyX and spread the movement.

Mili Shah, Boston

I was so excited to be a part of the first BollyX training in Boston! The 8 hour day was filled with information on different styles of South Asian dance and how to maximize the fitness potential with every move. The music and choreographies are so much fun and very easy to follow. I definitely now have a solid base of knowledge to build from and I can’t wait to teach my first BollyX class!

Anita Patel, Boston

I had an incredible time training for BollyX. The format, song selection, basic steps and goals behind BollyX were broken down and taught in a very easy and enjoyable manner.

Harlean Ahuja, Chicago