Fen Tung


Fen Tung is the Co-Founder and Fitness Director of BollyX. She brings over 16 years of fitness experience to the BollyX team. Fen began her fitness career as a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer in 2003. Shortly after, she began teaching group fitness classes. In 2010, Fen became a Master Trainer for ISCA (International Sports Conditioning Association) leading certification trainings in Kickboxing and Primary Mat Pilates. Additionally, she is certified in ISCA Kick Box II, Kettlebell and Boxing. Other class formats she is certified / licensed to teach include STOTT Pilates, STOTT Totalbarre, Zumba (B1, B2, Toning, Step), Les Mills BodyPump and BodyCombat, MOSSA Group Power, and boot camp/Tabata/HIIT-circuit/strength type classes.

Fen attended MIT with the intention of going to medical school but soon began to have second thoughts. Majoring in Biology, she realized she loved studying human anatomy and was very passionate about health and wellness, but did not know if the path to a medical degree was right for her. After graduating, she found a part-time job at a local gym and discovered what she really wanted to do for the rest of her life: prevent future health problems by teaching people how to exercise!

A small town girl from Laramie, WY, Fen was very actively involved in many different sports. From karate to swimming, volleyball to gymnastics, cross country running to mountain biking, she tried it all! Her only dance experience growing up, however, was when she was “highly encouraged” to dance in the annual International Fairs in her hometown with her sisters. Building her confidence as a dancer has been an incredibly rewarding journey for her, and one which inspires her to instill the same in others.

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