Our Story

In 2013, five diverse individuals teamed up to combine their passions for community, fitness and Bollywood dance…

Fresh off the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent, Shahil Patel was plotting his next move to bring Bollywood to the masses. On the campuses of UC Berkeley, Mayuri Bhandari was creating award-winning choreography and teaching dynamic Bollywood dance classes packed with 150+ people on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, Minal Mehta, marketing maven and Harvard MBA, was looking to build a badass brand that brought people together in a meaningful way. Together, they teamed up to combine their passions…and BollyX was born!

In June 2013, Shahil, Mayuri, and Minal launched their first BollyX classes in Cambridge, MA, where they quickly crossed paths with Fen Tung. With over 14 years of industry experience and certifications ranging from Zumba to Les Mills, AFAA to NASM, and Kickboxing to Pilates, Fen gave BollyX the bridge it needed between Bollywood and fitness.

As classes began to grow, the team realized they were onto something special. Enter Brent Lagerman, the branding mastermind behind the billion-dollar fitness event company Tough Mudder. Under Brent’s guidance, BollyX developed a new logo, website and brand identity. Shortly thereafter, Brent became CTO of BollyX to build an online training portal that enabled instructors to easily access choreography, marketing materials and class management tools to support their classes.

Come January of 2014, BollyX filmed its very first promo video – you may recognize the studio from Beyonce’s Love on Top! Since then, BollyX has launched 400 weekly Bollywood workout classes across 30 states with a growing community of over 2,000 BollyX trainees and instructors. You can find us in major cities such as Boston, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver, with more being added to the list every month. BollyX instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds spanning from ‘brand-new-to-fitness’ to experienced dancers and fitness instructors who teach Les Mills, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and TRX. BollyX has headlined at IDEA World, the US fitness industry’s largest convention, and has won the Harvard Business School award of “Most Innovative” new venture of 2015. As the BollyX instructor community rapidly expands, it’s just a matter of time before BollyX comes to a gym near you!

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